Walk Fit Comox Valley

Walking it off in Comox Valley .. Not a 5 star athlete or able to take on all the epic adventures available in Whistler due to a current health problem?  Or just need a break from the screen and desk? You are not alone, and there is a great way to see the valley, rain, sun, snow or wind.. And it is walking.
Almost anyone can enjoy this form of aerobic exercise and it is one of the best ways to get around Whistler.  If you are a guest, there are maps to see all “the things” but if you are local, your walking partners are the best features of getting fit while you walk.  
To get started in a private session or group program please connect!
If you just want to move for free you can join The Ladies Meeting Meetup here and join when you can.

What are the benefit of JUST walking…

>Improve circulation 
>promotes muscle engagement
>Increase calorie burn
>Improve mood and mindset

If any of these get you excited and you can commit 150 minutes of walking to your week, your fitness level and an improved mindset will happen! Being committed to a successful walking program can take some planning. You need to know your location is safe, you trust those you are with and know your route. Knowing you are safe as you walk, being aware of crosswalks, lights and washrooms, will let you focus on your goals. 

How to get the most out of your walk – here is some planning that will make it better. 

  • Got the right shoes and socks for the weather
  • Correct gloves and hat for the weather 
  • Any braces or wraps you need to support your knees
  • Sunscreen depending on the time of day 
  • Check the weather one more time
  • Text a couple people in your group you are on your way 
  • Couple bucks for coffee or tea if you plan on socializing after

Get a pedometer, walking app or download Strava to support and challenge friends! Here is my Athlete Number on Strava if you want to connect! Click here

Making it welcoming for everyone can be the next challenge if you have a larger group. Not everyone will have the same pace, and expecting people to hold back or speed up can take away from the fun. Instead, make sure everyone knows how to implement “looping” for those faster. Looping helps if you are the faster one, you just loop back around.  You get extra steps in, and stay with the group and create a feeling of  inclusion in your walking group.

Not sure where to start if you are not here in Whistler? Look for a group that works for you by finding people with activity level that are similar to you. Find a group that has a consistent time and place so everyone knows where to show up. Take parking, a place for warm ups and cool-downs into consideration as well. 

*If you want directions on starting your group there is a free download on my welcome page from ACE Fitness with whom I am certified as a personal trainer and I have studied their group walking course as well! Find out more here about mindset & fitness coaching.  https://anyssajane.com/welcome/

A good warm up stretch is usually a great time for some ice breakers, share goals achieved and any mindset challenges for the walk. As members get to know each other over time, it can create group cohesion that turns into more than walking for fitness.   

“Walking is one of the best forms of exercise as it strengthens bones and gets your heart pumping, and it doesn’t require any specialized equipment so you can do it just about anywhere. Taking a walk for 30 minutes, five days a week can help change your body and your life. But if you’re a regular walker, you may be looking for ways to pump up your walking workouts. Whether your goal is to get past a weight-loss plateau, boost your energy or simply take your fitness to a new level” ACE Fitness Blog 

So let’s get moving together!

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