About Anyssa

Green Lake Whistler photo by Anyssa

Anyssa is, coaching & assisting clients to break away from behavior & thought patterns that don’t serve them. Encouraging healthy training for body & mind, while installing empowering beliefs, & ideas that will help them achieve their goals. A seasoned podcaster, social media instructor & coach. Her next goal is focusing on adding  seniors health & ” brain training” to her current fitness certification.  She has certified with A.C.E. as a fitness trainer, as well as Tony Robbins and Dean Graziozi as a Knowledge Broker and loves leading mastermind business meetings & Soul Suppers.

You can join her for the next season of her latest podcast. Epic Lifestyles where she interviews those who go just a little bit further than the rest of us to achieve their goals & the coaches and trainers who assist them to that next level.

Season 2 Epiclifestyles.com  |  Season 1 Epiclifestyles.ca

Anyssa has a passion for assisting others in their success. No matter what project or client she works with her goal is to connected with the true passion & goals.  You can catch up on her mindset, biohacking, and fitness blog, over on LinkedIN or join her tribe at www.theenterpreneurcollective.com where you can join in on masterclasses, networking and interact with other with the same mindset in group chats!

The business she has designed is focused on creating venues and moments, digital and real that will help people they are working with, grow their client list, increase influence and make more money. She loves coaching on one many topics from fitness, mindset & busines. She has been teaching social media, leadership, and vision casting/goal setting for small businesses since 2009. She love to get a certification with each project she does from the tourism sector as a Project Manager while doing construction and design projects, Campground Manager, Mindset Coach with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziozi and over the pandemic as a A.C.E. Certified Trainer.
You can find her work as a grandmother, graphic artist & photographer  Instagram

” I believe we can achieve our goals on our own but
when we work together, assist each other from the heart, we achieve true success.”

Achievements and details:
• Enjoys finding key skills in others for mutual benefit to get a project done.
• A patient trainer and teacher
• Good at evaluating sales and marketing models
• Construction projects under 5 Million, Project Co-ordination
• Strong project management skills with a habit of finding creative solutions that achieve
success. ( often pulling the rabbit out of the hat!)
•Designing new business strategy & concepts that drive business and sales specializing in Live Blogging
Key Managerial Accomplishments and Skills
• Take a retail store front from -$60K towards a positive cash flow in under 8 months with monthly expense over $25K.
• Staff training, leadership coaching, team building and building key systems within the business.
• Assist business grown through social media skills
• Build boutique RV Resort, for specialized high end market, including construction co-ordination, marketing plans, event planning, catering, sales and running the business for the first two years.
• Networking and being an active member Abbotsford and Langley Chambers of Commerce and other professional business groups to achieve community awareness of the business and increase marketing reach.

Currently resides in Whistler and Kamloops / Shushwap, depending on where she is needed as she build her new house and studio!