About Anyssa

Green Lake Whistler photo by Anyssa

Professionalism & Experience

As a professionally trained & experienced fitness and life coach, I have the tools to help you create the life you are imagining and to get a renewed sense of self.

About Me

My goal is to connect you with the vision you have of your best life.  With extensive experience in different areas of coaching, from business, fitness, and goal setting, my approach can assist you to move towards your goals and achieve that feeling of success you deserve.


Fast track to understanding your motivation with Anyssa Jane

I want to teach you courage, and that when we take care of ourselves and achieve our goals, using our values and belief systems, we will feel successful.

We are all equal and just need to know what tools are required for the journey we are planning. together we will sort out how to use these tools to complete your goals.



Taking the Steps

To achieve your best life it takes a commitment and dedication that can often seem overwhelming. My commitment is to share my tools, experience and strategies to assist you to achieve your goals. I will hold you accountable for success!
I will be here with commitment, understanding, and support for you.

My grandson, achieving a big goal!

This boy in the oversized Heli Hansen suit above is a self-declared fisherman, he will do anything to achieve his single-minded goal to fish. This is his first time fishing in the ocean on the windiest day he could have picked. He was willing to get a little uncomfortable to achieve his goal. He had to plan, pack his tackle box, and encourage others to get on board so he could do it, even though they know they would be uncomfortable.  We all came home with big smiles, cold toes, and a sense of excitement that he was so focused. (so was his mom who was all on board with his goal-setting!)

Do you know what you need to take on the journey to make your dreams come true?  This 7-year-old traveled 8 hours to the ocean, knew exactly what he needed to fish but had to improvise to stay warm enough to make it happen, encourage those around him that his goal was more important than their numb fingers with his pure focus and excitement.

Do you have something you want to make happen? Big or small achievements are a way to plan for your success.

As Shanda says... "success loves preparation"  I can help you plan for the journey.

Next Steps...

If you are in Comox Valley and want to join us for a free walk on Monday nights please connect with me on Meetup.  I also post other event there from mastermind classes, private dinners, small retreats and paddle days as well.