Black Cap for every event this summer!

Cap season is here! Providing protection to your face and providing shade from the glaring sun, the best hats for the heat of the season are extremely lightweight, breathable, and fit well, so you won’t have to worry about your hair, while you go on your next adventure. Oh, and you will look cool!

Whistler Girl - Crew Hoodie

Do you like to show up at events or take courses online? From Vancouver to Toronto, from Thinkific courses to White Papers that can change your life.. there might be a new favorite here for you! Great if you are putting together an outfit for your Whistler Wedding Crew!

Toes up? ... ready for a hot chocolate?

An imperfect mug for a perfect camping trip or walk.  Hook on to the back of a pack or keep in your picnic basket, it is light to carry.  * These are not dishwasher safe and due to the nature of the natural product overlay may chip or change shape like any traditional camp mug!

Whistler Girl Enamal Mug

Stop buying laundry soap and recycling your plastic bottles?

I have not bought a bottle of laundry soap since my son was 16 in 2013, and I have not had to recycle a bottle of laundry soap of my own since!   I can't say it was great on whites so I switched to dark socks, and for all the laundry bottles, plastic bags, and fewer trips to the store, it has surpassed my hopes.  And if I do the math.. I would suggest $1500 is a conservative guess on the direct cost of savings for using this to take the stink out of my clothes.  It softens them for hanging as well, and the iconic system it uses to clean also will tear a virus apart as well.  I have no idea how you equate that they only use cold water for washing.