Deafeat your limits with Adam Kubiš

Some people just stick out in the crowd, some people, never blend in, some people are consistently working harder that everyone to find new goals to achieve… and then make them happen, this is one of those people. Adam Kubis never sends me a boring email, we met here in Whistler and years later, after like many of the people I used to say good morning to across the counter at the gym over 3 years, he has gone home to a European country. (You will discover where by clicking below on the blog! )

Since the first day he told me he wanted to write, he has shared so many of his adventures, across so many different mountains, I never leave one of his emails unopened. It is pure FOMO (fear of missing out) on my part, as often his writing will leave me snorting coffee, as I read the first line. He alway inspires me with every minute I read, and I hope he will help you defeat your own limits.

One of my few personal heroes, since the day I handed him a blank piece of paper, and he has more than filled it since as I challenged him to stop talking about it daily and just do it!

Click and don’t have a coffee or milk close by!

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