Biohacking your eyes and brain health

The Brock String and Vitamins to Biohack Your Vision as You Age or Compete

The last time I got my eye’s checked, I was very annoyed that my very young optometrist tried to sell me Omega 3 vitamins.  I usually get those from the health food store! The office had been shut for so long with Covid, I thought maybe they were just looking for some upsells.  Previously,  I had spent money on more than glasses with my last optometrist, after eye gym with her for a concussion she had diagnosed & bought a tool she had used in our group called a Brock String.  I realized change is in the air, and I needed to take both of the recommendations from these professionals seriously. 

My point is, that the science of brain and eye health is changing, and just like many things that are helping us to biohack our bodies, our eye care is getting an upgrade and is no longer stuck in the office.  It is being put back on us to take responsibility for our visual acuity as we are aging just like lifting weight to maintain bone mass,  as we are expecting to extend our lives by about  20 years.

As I was using the Brock String to bring a vestibular concussion under control, going to weekly sessions for my eye health, like some are going to the gym, I learned how much the strength of my eyes require to work together, was something I took for granted. Like breathing, for many of us, sight just happens. 

The next, “eye opener”, was my 80 year old mother’s vision.  She had already had surgery on them many years earlier that had caused a possible weakness.  Not being super athletic, but reasonably active, her biggest daily move is lifting her ragdoll cat Chino. (and sometimes his bags of cat litter) She just woke up one morning with the signs of a detached retina.   By the time my mom was on her 4th surgery to repair her vision, she had had one eye covered for months, but wanted to drive again.  She was not grasping why I recommended the brock string to help the eyes start to learn to converge again, or why I wanted to know she was taking the right supplements.This information could let me help her understand the challenges the covered eye was going to bring on. The convergence will be helped by the beads and string, but often the brain will also just start to block things out peripherally. The power of the brain to control of vision and my introduction to how effective it can be was with a TED Talk by Sue Barry, called *Fixing My Gaze.

So I had to dig to explain to her, and found so much more than expected and I hope reading this article will assist others who are struggling with recovery from a brain or eye injury, or just want to maintain their vision as they age. When your eyes are strong, it leaves your brain to take care of other functions, to use its energy more efficiently

Living in a world-class resort like Whistler, I am surrounded by Olympic Athletes who are consistently looking for that little edge and in my research, I discovered that the Brock String, nutrition, and other biohacking tech is already being used for a competitive advantage in slalom, car racing as well as baseball.  

“Exercises like the Brock String physically strengthen the eye and the brain’s connection to it. When an athlete repeats these exercises, he or she can quicken the pace and efficiency of the electrical impulses that the eye sends to the brain. The more you practice, the more efficient those electrical signals become.” – Brock string for athletes

The one I found most interesting was the use of these little child-like beads by sharpshooters, which makes total sense. Being 50 and having three grandchildren biohacking my health, so I can have fun with them as we age together, I have hunted down some great products to assist me. 

“An excellent tool for eye muscle, depth perception and anti-suppression training, the Brock String may also help some shooters overcome certain types of eye dominance problems.”  – Towens / Ed Lyons 

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TED Talk by Sue Barry, called Fixing My Gaze.