My Beautiful Life Journal

Journals & tools to change your life - I have purchased a lot of journals, done a lot of writing in the past few years.  I was working on me, my business, figuring out who I am as a business owner, as a mom who’s nest is empty, as a young grandmother.   I have learned how I can shape myself, through working to deeply understand myself.  It isn’t a quick fix or a magic bullet. It’s a practice, a way to revolutionize yourself each day.  It seems everyone is building one that works for them. I have researched and interviewed many people to get this done. Sat with friends who cut and slashed my ideas, and coaches who said, I wish I had thought of that..   Please have the first page that you can try for yourself. It’s a blend of journal and planner and with more pages in the complete book to help you learn and grow personally, build your health and your wealth I hope you will enjoy the whole book as well once it is published! 

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Journal writing will help you to solve your problems more easily. Just like talking to a friend about problems helps reduces stress and provides relief, writing in a journal helps clarify the problems in your own mind and allows you to concentrate on finding a solution.