Meditation Ideas

Finding your own way to Zen, is a practice, a journey, an adventure, it will always be changing. Finding what is best for you, may change, the goal is to find what makes you feel good, or assist finding “YOU” – it might just be for a few minutes, that you achieve your goal, yet, you can build on it, one day at a time!

Here are a few of my “favorite things” when it comes to quieting my mind, and taming the creative beast that often overwhelms me.


It might not be as hard as you think! I struggled sitting still and quieting my mind and then realized – doing it my way.. breaking the rules I thought existed, let me get started, and build a mediation practice . Design your life, what feels good for you! Here are some of my favorite guides!

Find your voice

Dr. Jo Dispenza has created a new super human movement and I love listening to his crazy electric guided mediations, for some though a woman’s voice is a better fit! You choose and even record your own!

Women’s voice

Man’s Voice


What is Thinkitation? Simply put it’s using the afterglow of meditation to solve the toughest challenges in your life.” Tom Bilyeu

Penned by this business guru, it has become one of the most powerful times in my day. I keep pen, post it or note pads close by! I just set a timer, and let my mind wander, download, connect and create without any boundary other than time. Tom does this after mediation . For those of us that have the wiggles though, I recommend a short session before trying to mediate, and then after. Experiment and design the best space in your head to feel good, relaxed, and release your creative monsters that make you a little nuts sometime! Talk to me when you want to know with all those ideas that start filling up your note book! – Anyssa Jane

6 Phase Meditation

The 6 Phase Meditation is a revolutionary framework for meditation: designed by Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani based on his own daily practice. It’s a distillation of hundreds of the world’s most powerful personal growth book”

This version takes two of my favorite people Wim Hof and Vision and is a great way to start your day with deep breathing, a smile, graciousness and focus. 6 Phase #1